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The GRAND LAWN BOWLING CLUB is a private charter club at Del Webbs' Sun City Grand located in Surprise, Arizona.

The Club invites you to join us for lively social interaction and mild exercise on the "GREEN."

Residency is a requirement for membership; however, we invite and encourage non-members to play as our guests.

Lessons and loaner equipment are available for all interested residents. Guests may also use club equipment.

The game is known around the world as bowls, lawn bowls or bowling on the green. It is played on a grass bowling green marked off into eight rinks, allowing eight games to be played simultaneously. The Grand Lawn Bowling Club always bowls threes days a week - Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  As interest permits, additional afternoon and evening bowling may occur -  please inquire.

The OBJECT OF THE GAME is to roll the bowls so that they will come to rest as close as possible to the target or "jack" (the small white ball). The team that has the bowl nearest to the jack scores one point for that bowl and an additional point for each bowl closer to the jack than the nearest bowl of the other team.

More about how we play the game at Grand Lawn Bowling

One of the most important aspects of lawn bowling is the opportunity for social interaction. Each day teams are chosen by a semi-random draw to try to balance skill
level on each team so as to not discourage new participants. A side benefit of drawing for teams is that only the members present are included in the draw. If a member has other
commitments on a given day, no harm done!


Bowls are ultimately purchased by individual players and are their personal property. Club bowls are intended for training and may be borrowed from the club while deciding whether to pursue the sport. Players also need measures, chalk and flat-soled shoes. The club furnishes all remaining equipment (jacks, mats, scorecards, etc.).

The Grand Lawn Bowling Club bowls in casual attire, although most members opt for traditional whites on Saturdays.  White attire is requested for Visitations and Tournaments.


Why does the bowl curve as it rolls?
A bowl curves because of its shape, not because of the way it is delivered by the bowler. The bowl is asymmetrically shaped. Since it is smaller on one side, it naturally curves in the direction of the smaller side as it loses speed.

How long does a game last?
Baseball has innings, football has quarters, hockey has periods - lawn bowling has ends. A game of bowls is usually 12 to 16 ends (determined before the start of play) and a game will last from 2 to 2 1/2 hours, depending on the number of players.

How can I learn to lawn bowl?
 Instructions are free and traing equipment is available at no charge.  Please contact one of instructors:  Ron Rollick  714-348-6764, David Shaw  623-584-2743, or                                               Peter Walsert 623-640 9500, 

How can I find other lawn bowls clubs when traveling?
For clubs in the USA, check out
For worldwide bowls,

A great lawn bowling video can be viewed at 


To view pro matches, input Mike Bargearse in your SEARCH ENGINE and choose a Face Book video...Amazing

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