GLBC Standing Rules

Amended 01/28/10


  •  Flat soled shoes with no heels are mandatory on the Green.  
  •  Weekdays:  Casual attire, T-Shirts are permissible. No undershirts or muscle shirts. (Most bowlers opt for traditional whites on Saturdays)
  • During Visitations and Tournaments,  Whites are mandatory. shirts with collars only!

2.   GREEN:

  • Any member in good standing may use the Green and Club equipment at any time.  If you open the clubhouse, you assume monitor responsibilities.
  • Properly attired guests may accompany the member. 
  • Members leaving the Green must ensure the green and the surrounding area are clean and all equipment is properly stored.  First team finished bowling will collect draw tags and return to the board. 
  •  It is the responsibility of all members to set up and take down the equipment from the green and secure all equipment in a proper manner.
  • Only experienced members and guests may use the Green.  Experienced players are those who have successfully completed a full course of training.

 3.   CONDUCT:

  • Proper conduct and decorum must be maintained. Members who are abusive, create turmoil, disruption and dissension may have their memberships temporarily suspended.
  • As a courtesy and to ensure the game is enjoyable to all players, a ten (10) point rule is encouraged.  If your team is ahead by ten points, the game should be restarted and players reversed.
  •  Willful destruction or abusive use of club equipment will not be tolerated and can result in a temporary suspension of membership or removal as a member.
  •  All cell phones should be turned off during the game..

 4.   DUES:

  •  Annual membership dues are $15.00 per person and due January 1 and are delinquent January 31. If dues are unpaid by January 31, membership will be dropped from the Club Roster.
  • Dues paid by new members between October and December will have their dues extended through the next membership year.
  • New members are required to purchase name tags with payment of their dues.
  • USLBA annual dues are $25.00 and not mandatory; however, membership is required for all USLBA sanctioned tournament bowling.


  • A membership meeting shall be held in March unless the board determines a March meeting is not necessary in which case the meeting may be canceled with the approval of the membership.
  • A membership meeting shall be held in November for:
    1. Approval of Officers.
    2. Approval of Financial Report.
    3. Approval of Audit Report.
    4. Election of Officers presented by Election Committee. Elections must follow Chartered Clubs Election guidelines.
    5. Officers assume their duties on January 1, except the outgoing Treasurer is required to assist incoming Treasurer closing the year end books.
    6. Other business.
  • Special meetings may be called by the President or upon written request of three (3) members with at least a ten (10) day written notice. No other business shall be conducted other than that mentioned in the call.


  • Committees may be appointed at any time by the President with the approval of the Board


  • The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern procedures at meetings of the GLBC when they are not inconsistent with the Association’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws; Chartered Club Rules, Regulations and Procedures; GLBC Bylaws and any special rules of order the Club may adopt.


  • GLBC may pay up to $100 with Board approval for purchase of used Lawn Bowls.


  • A Monitor must be present during all Club play sessions or any Club function, as required by CAM. Club Officers may assume the Monitor duties but may appoint any member(s) to serve as the Monitor.






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